Your Work Ethic as a Certified Nursing Assistant CNA

There are few things that are as important as a strong work ethic. Not only does this personality trait provide upper management with satisfaction, but in the high-paced world of CNAs thrive in, a good work ethic goes a long way. While the importance of a strong work ethic is universally known, what does this mean in the realm of a certified nursing assistant?

Patient-Centric World

While you may have to deal with strong co-worker personalities or intense workplace scenarios, you mustn’t ever forget you’re working to ease the pain and mental weight of patients. Therefore, the first building block for a strong CNA work ethic is to create a world that solely revolves around a patient. Even though you may be dealing with multiple patients everyday, each one must receive the utmost attention and care. Strive to ease patient suffering while preserving their quality of life and actively working to restore their health. When management reviews your work ethic, this is among the top categories they monitor.

Nursing Staff Support

At times, life as a certified nursing assistant may seem overwhelming. Throughout your workday you’ll be required to not only deal with demanding patients, but also tend to the needs of nursing staff. In fact, the importance of this work ethic element is in your job title – “nursing assistant.” Continually strive to provide fellow nursing staff with above-and-beyond support. Doing so has many benefits. Outside of receiving positive performance reviews, showcasing yourself as a true asset to nursing staff may lead to better scheduling options, more responsibilities and potentially a streamlined pathway to promotions.


Although the CNA certification is vital for success, your own personal level of reliability and accountability is paramount. As a certified nursing assistant, you should acknowledge and embrace your responsibilities for not only work-related matters, but also for personal behavior. For example, showcase your respect for the position and for others by always arriving several minutes early to work shifts, following established guidelines to the best of your ability and working to increase the productivity and effectiveness of your entire team, not just yourself.

Life as a certified nursing assistant is anything but predictable. While you may not be able to determine how your day will unfold, you can control how you interact throughout the forthcoming unknown scenarios. Adopting a stellar work ethic does much more than safeguard job security. It affects how patients are treated, and ultimately, rehabilitated.